Buy Sustainably Caught Fresh Fish online in the UK

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Since the whole reason why fishermen go to sea is to feed our hungry desire for fresh fish and other seafood, it is wise to understand the whole process. Why? Well it is better to get the whole picture of the process from the fish being caught through to the consumer who will buy fresh fish online for a home delivery, so that a proper and credible conclusion can be made.

We all would like to see many of the seas in the world become completely free from commercial fishing, but in reality that isn’t likely to happen any time soon. What we need to do is to become actively concerned with our own seas and fisheries in the waters off our own fresh fish Being active in the managing of our fisheries will firstly produce seas which can be sustainably fished year after year without the destruction of the fish stocks, which has happened in the past and is happening in many seas and oceans across the world.

By providing a working example for other countries to see of the responsible fishing in the waters around the United Kingdom can say more to certain people in authority that any words can.

Another way is to educate the consumer, because if the consumer will only buy fish that’s been sustainably caught, then the fishing corporations and companies will be forced to fish responsibly if they want to stay in business. So how to we know where to buy fish and seafood that’s been fished responsibly? Many supermarkets have for a long time now provided plenty of info on where their products are sourced from and now with more and more people turning to shopping online, so now these websites are also providing that same info See and view the page on sustainability. Plus with every product page they show when each fish is in season and where they are fished from. Education around this subject is also important as the more people realise the need to buy fresh fish which has been sustainably fished, the more they will shop responsibly. This will then produce a positive knock on effect, pushing the fish caught from waters where the stocks are failing to be fished less.

Which Fish are Sustainably Caught in UK Waters

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It is not widely known as to which fish caught in the UK waters are done so sustainably. The info is out there but it is left up to consumers to dig around for the information. Why is it important to buy only sustainably caught fish? Well if we don’t want to be in a situation where your favourite fish is being over fished and becomes hard to buy from the fishmonger. Or even worst, for the fish stocks of certain species to become so depleted that no fish are caught again for decades to come. This is what happens though when the fisheries are not managed responsibly.

In the past Fish stocks of North Sea cod were so over fished that the fish stocks dropped so quickly and dramatically that a complete ban on fishing in those areas was put in place. It is only recently after decades that the levels of Cod fish have improved. Taking the stock of fish for granted was at one time forgiveable but not any more. We are well enough informed to manage and fish these waters in a responsible way making sure these waters around the UK and Europe maintain healthy levels of the species of fish we love to eat. for more info Marine Conservation Society

When buying fresh fish it is quite common for consumers to stick to just a handful of fresh or frozen fish that they are familiar with. This is often because they know the best way to cook these fish and have recipes which include these fish in them. However, it is well worth taking a look at the fish which you usually buy and checking to see if they are sustainably caught. If it is not or it looks like it is getting over fished, it may be time to see if instead of that particular fish can be swapped for a more sustainably caught fish, even a farmed fish such as Scottish Salmon, Gilt Head Sea Bream, or Sea Bass all of which are great tasting fish and do not impact of wild fish stocks.